Maps and directions from Sicily

Maps and directions from the Province of Palermo

The Province of Palermo is a province in the autonomous region of Sicily. Its capital is the city of Palermo.
Its name is derived from Latin word "Panormus". From 1072 to 1194 Palermo was the capital of the Kingdom of Sicily before Naples became the new capital under the rule of the French Angevin dynasty. It has also been ruled by the Romans, Byzantines, Normans, Arabs and the Spanish Empire. Historical accounts recording the existence of the province date back to the 8th and 6th century B.C. The province is surrounded by Tyrrhenian Sea in the north, Province of Trapani in the west, the provinces of Agrigento and Caltanissetta in the south, Enna in the southeast and Messina in the east. It is popular for its beaches, namely Mondello. The land is mountainous and includes Pollina and Imera Valleys. Madonie Range is located in the province.